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The Best Exercise Program 

Military fitness is hard, physical as well as extremely disciplined. Its objective is to push people to their mental and physical limit to know what type of character they are and to know them under pressure. At the end of basic military training fitness, you must have the needed skills to work under extreme pressure and have the fitness to do their duties. The program below is made to develop elite physical and mental stamina to break the self-established limits.


Go maximum and sprint in properly controlled burst for 120 seconds. You are improving your cardio system and pushing your lungs while warming up fast-twitch muscle. In case you are in a small room, perform high knee sprints. Breathe and run for two minutes.



Drop for 10 counts. You need to keep going to hammer your muscle fibers built for staying power in your arms and chest. This exercise will develop military level power over extended times of exertion, this assists you to push on during 90th minute as all other fall off.  Do this for 2 minutes.


Man-down drill

Pull out your buddy from a trench for complete-body workout: with your partner on the ground, right leg bent, stand on their right foot and the grasp their left wrist. Lift your partner up through pulling him into your shoulders and driving in your heels.  And then run with your partner on your back then switch after one minute. Do this for 2 minutes.


Leg raise

Leg raise is an easy move and a time of interval will target the core. To do this, lie on back, while legs are straight, a couple of inches off the floor. Tense up, raise legs to 90 degree angles, and then breathe and control legs back down to the floor. Do this for 2 minutes for stability which will go the distance.


The Wheelbarrow Run

The Wheelbarrow run is considered a very intensive training for you and your partner, working the legs and the core, what is more absolutely hammering the shoulders to develop bulk in the upper body. Have the workout buddy get your ankles while you are walking on your hands for one minute. Keep your core tensed.  You can do this exercise for 2 minutes as well. This will help your upper body muscles.


Press-up Fight

It is the last step in this workout program. Square up to an exercise buddy in a press-up pose. Give your partner the best death stare as well as  battle, pulling as well as twisting each other arms to pressure them to fall. It is considered the most strong and extreme core exercise you will ever try. Pain is short-term, pride is everlastingly. This is a good military fitness program that can help you tone your body fast and at the same time increase your resistance. This will also help you have a strong body and big muscles. So, what are you waiting for, try this exercise now!

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