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8 Essential Exercises That Will Get You Ripped

Getting a ripped body is all about lowering your overall body fat percentage. To be considered ripped; you need to be under 10% body fat if you are a man and 16% if you are a woman. This is the point that your abs start showing. They really start popping out at 7-8% for men and 13-14% for women. It’s really not that hard to do if you know what you are doing and you have the dedication to do it. First, start with nutrition because you can work out forever and never achieve your goals if you are sabotaging yourself with poor nutrition. Try to avoid as many processed and manufactured foods as possible. They actually have additives that will make you fat. Instead, stick closer to eating food the way nature intended you to eat like vegetables, nuts, fish and lean meats.

Now, onto the workout, the best way to lower overall body fat percentage is by lifting weights. The more muscle a body carries the more fat it burns. However, the type of exercise you do will have a significant impact on how fast and how ripped you will get. The best exercises are referred to as compound or multi-joint exercises which work your entire body at the same time. These are exercises such as the jerk and clean, the one armed dumb bell snatch. The military press, the dead lift and others. Not only will these exercises build muscle but you will exert so much effort doing them that you will enter a state of metabolic shock and burn calories at a higher rate for days on end. Here, you will learn and know the 8 essential exercises that will help you to get ripped.



Squats are the most painful, intimidating and hardest exercise for muscle building you could ever imagine. You need major discipline and willpower to do them right. Even from a technical viewpoint, this exercise for muscle building is difficult to master. Squats are probably the best and most effective exercise for muscle building that could be included in a workout routine. The key benefit of squat is that they really help other muscles in the body become bigger and stronger, even if they are not really directly involved in doing these workouts. The basis for this is that squat is a powerful and natural booster of testosterone and guys who do this highly challenging workout normally experience a rush in their levels of testosterone after performing them.

This exercise utilizes the biggest muscle in your body concurrently and this is makes your testosterone upsurge. If the amount of natural testosterone is improved, then this makes it easier for you to improve your muscle size. The benefits of squats are limitless. It can help the person a lot in developing his or her muscle. In fact, according to research, squat is one of the common exercises that many people like best. This makes them pant and sweat. It provides an awesome feeling. So, in order to get the benefits of squats, it is important for you to know the proper way of doing this exercise.

For safety purposes, you should only perform your squats in a power rack or cage. Your head should be pulled back, your chest raised and you should have a slight arch in your lower back. It is important for you to look straight ahead and not up or down. Step up to the barbell and grasp it with your hands, ensuring that they’re at the same width as you use for a bench pres. Before you start clearing the bar, you need to have it positioned evenly along your traps.



It is a tremendous total body exercise that will provide you with an array of many physical benefits. Characteristics such as grip strength, core strength, improved posture, mobility and overall lean muscle mass are all benefits of the deadlift. This is exactly what you need if you are looking at developing a lean strong body. You see the deadlift can be performed in a variety of different ways by implementing the use of a barbell, diamond bar, medicine ball or Kettlebell. The lift can be done with a single arm or both arms. It is great for hitting all the large muscle groups which will in turn speed up your metabolism by quickly elevating your level of perceived exertion. If you want to get lean fast then start implementing the deadlift. The reason why deadlift is so popular amongst bodybuilders is because it allows you to gain muscle fast and in lightening quick time too. If you do them the correct way, then you will probably at times experience shortness of breath as well as feeling sick and light headed, this is how tough they are, but if you want to gain muscle fast then you will just have to get on with it, simple as that.


Power Clean

If you want to improve your explosiveness and overall power, then you have most likely heard of the power clean. The power clean is a great lift to develop flexibility, strength and agility. It involves bringing the barbell from the ground to a racked position on your chest in one explosive movement. Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Practice squatting down without the weights so that your leg muscles can prepare for the load they will have to handle. Stand over the barbell, make sure that you get a good grip of the barbell. Pull the barbell from the floor to your knees. Then, pull the bar from the mid thighs to your shoulders. When you are in the squat position then stand straight with the bar on your shoulders and then release the bar from your shoulders.


Bench Press

Bench Press has long been dubbed as the most effective exercise for building up the muscles of the chest. Indeed, no chest workout would be complete without a set or two of these exercises. In cases of explosive bench presses, it is necessary that your legs support you on the bench as you lift heavy weights so that there is less strain on the back. The legs can also give you that added push so that you can do more bench presses. Positioning the barbell over your chest is a vital safety measure that you should strictly observe. Many gym nuts make the mistake of positioning the barbell over their necks. If you want to increase the amount of your bench presses, it is important to maintain proper form that will enable you to bench more, as well as keep you safe from any life-threatening accidents.


Reverse Bent, Over Row

It is one of those basic exercises that deliver muscle development. This exercise hits the back muscles, you lateral muscles and your biceps so it really is a great overall muscle workout. The main problem with this exercise is that a lot of people use poor form and therefore are not maximizing their workout. Try to stick to the proper technique if you wish to fully develop your muscles.



Pull-ups are considered as the most complete exercise for back development, especially for latissimus dorsi – and you hit each part of your back. From the wide part of your latissimus dorsi and trapezius, narrowing down to your lower back and waist, just by using a combination of pull-up variations. There are lots of pull-ups variations that you can choose from. You can do sternum pull-ups, complete pull-ups and half reps. In this exercise, a person has to suspend his body by extending his arms and then the person has to pull up the entire body until his elbows are bent. This exercise helps a person to gain good height and body weight.


Military Press

Military press is also known as shoulder press. It targets deltoids and it is normally done in standing position. In this way, it forces the beginner to soothe their core, as a replacement of being able to use the bench for support. As with reverse bent over row, deadlift and squat, the core is activated during military pres. Dumbbells or barbells can be used however barbell is highly recommended since unilateral movements can lead to strength and muscle imbalance. Behind the head presses are ideal for experienced trainee only since if the exercise is executed incorrectly, it can lead to increased risk of injury.



This is another good body weight exercise which can help you to reduce your extra weight. The dip is the exercise which helps you to strengthen your body muscles. There are many ways to do dip exercise such as shoulder width dips, wide arm training and wide grip bench press. The dip exercise is done on dip bars by lifting your whole body weight. Dip exercise helps you to strengthen your body muscles. Thus dip is one of the best body weight exercises.


Muscle gaining exercise routine is also the best way to gain muscle mass plan. This is your guideline that you need to follow in order to gain massive muscle mass fast. You must always find a reliable muscle exercise routine to assist you from the start, rather than building one from an unreliable one. The reason is relatively simple. If this works to your friends, there is also the possibility that it will work for you. On the other hand, you also need to pay attention to how your system reacts to the muscle gaining exercise routine. If you find out that instead of gaining mass you lose more, then stop and get along. You may need various set of reps than suggested in the workout program. Don’t think twice to change things. You should follow your objectives.

As mentioned earlier that discipline should come first in any weight loss program, so you must be consistent and follow the program strictly. As much as possible, avoid skipping the program. You need to understand that the muscle do not develop when you do the workout in the fitness gym. Instead, it tears them down. What encourages muscle growth is really during rest days for the muscle. So, give your muscles time to rest in order to grow back the fibers by means of consuming foods rich in protein. After long hours of workout, try to rest and take a nap. Gaining mass is not a rush. Do not attempt to do workout faster which compromises the form of your body or you need to work out because you need your biceps to appear bigger. The best way to gain muscle mass depends on you.

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